2023 Pre-Registration Vehicle Entry (WASHINGTON)

2023 Pre-Registration Vehicle Entry (WASHINGTON)

Regular price $ 80.00

This year there will be no pre approval. We only ask that if you plan to attend and perform the cruise that your vehicle is capable of making the drive with out having mechanical issues delaying things. The cruise route is to be determined but expect it to be at least 100 miles.

We have a ton of space for campers and tents with a large field for show grounds. This does not mean we are hosting an event for everybody. We are focused more on the vehicles that fit our mini-trucking lifestyle. We are car enthusiast but we will judge the show based on our likes and dislikes. We are not trying to host an event that is driven by the hunt for a trophy. We want people that get along and can maintain a drama free weekend. If you are adult enough to do so we would love to have you attend.

We will be doing everything through pre reg. The fee will be $80 which includes the following things:

- camping if you want from noon Friday until noon Sunday

- entry into the show

- event shirt (extras can be purchased online for $20) limited supply the day of

- 1 meal ticket (extra food tickets can be purchased online $5)

- 10 free raffle tickets

- 1 event Koozie

We will add things as the event gets closer but remember that the price will increase the day of and those prices are to be determined.


Please remember to verify what shirt size you wear.

If you would like to pre-purchase additional event shirts you may do so on the Event Shirts product page before final check out.


All purchases are final and thank you for your support.